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*** We accept children ages 2 and UP!

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Address: 15012 Omera Dr, Carrollton, VA 23314
Phone: 757-238-8278

How do I contact L’il Folks Learning Center, Inc.?

We believe in having an open line of communication. There are several ways to contact us. Upon enrollment your child will be added to our communication app called HiMama. You will be able to talk directly to your child’s teacher and director via this app. You may also reach out to the director and owner via email. The director’s email is [email protected], and the owner’s email is [email protected]. Our landline phone number is 757-238-8278. Our website also has a “contact us” form that will come directly to our inbox. Our website can be found at In addition to all these lines of communication, we may also be reached on our designated L’il Folks Facebook page via Facebook messenger.

What Can I Expect the First Time I Contact L’il Folks Learning Center, Inc.?

We will want to know the age of your child(ren), and what days of preschool/child care you are inquiring about,so that we can first check our roster to see if we have space. If we do not, we will ask you if you would like to be put on our waiting list. If you are interested in scheduling a tour, we will certainly be glad to set this up at your earliest convenience. We encourage parents to come before or after naptime, so that our special little ones will not be disturbed during this time. Once the tour is scheduled, then you are encouraged to have a sit down meeting with the director for a consultation. This is a great time to have a list of your questions, and we will also be asking you some questions to ensure that we are a good fit for one another. We want all parties involved to feel comfortable with the childcare and preschool arrangement.

Who Should Contact L’il Folks Learning Center, Inc.?

You should contact L’il Folks Learning Center if you are a parent, step parent, grandmother, grandfather, cousin, sister, brother, or family friend who wants exceptional care and preschool for a special child in your life. You should contact us if you want a child-centered environment that focuses on the individual needs of each student we serve. You should contact us if you are new to the area, and want a place where you will feel confidently secure and at peace when leaving your child in our care. You should reach out to us if you want a secure center that only allows those with designated access entrance into our facility.

Why should I contact L’il Folks Learning Center, Inc.?

We have successfully been in business for 22 years, and have provided care and preschool for Carrollton, Virginia and surrounding areas for over two decades. We are now serving children of those who were once students at L’il Folks Learning Center, Inc. themselves. It is an honor to be a part of a second generation of students whose parents have fond memories of attending L’il Folks Learning Center, Inc. The owner truly cares about children, and has a vast knowledge of early childhood development, holds an advanced degree in the field of education, and most importantly, strives to have a place that she can be proud of. The owner’s children, and now grandchildren are attending this facility. Even for the smallest children, we have a set daily plan.

While in attendance, meals, playtimes, and naps are scheduled as part of the daily schedule. Fun activities like music and storytelling are built into the schedule to encourage intellectual growth and development in all of our students. Teachers are taught to set clear expectations and routines so that parents and children know what to expect. The staff at L’il Folks truly believes that it “takes a village” to raise a child. We want your child(ren) to be successful in all areas of development. We teach manners, respect, and courtesy to others. We surpass state standards of quality in many ways. Our class sizes are smaller than what the state requires for our teacher to staff ratios. We open bright and early at 6:00 a.m. and close at 6:00 p.m. This provides flexibility in your schedule in case you may need to run some errand before or after work. This has proven to be beneficial for many of our families.

Where Can I Find More Information?

You can visit our website at We also have a very detailed parent packet that gives you all sorts of information in regards to all of our policies, programs, curriculum, etc. If you would like to know more about our chosen curriculum, you may visit the Highscope website located at This curriculum is approved by the Virginia Department of Education. It provides a sturdy foundation for our preschool school children so that they will be adequately prepared for Kindergarten. This curriculum involves a steady daily schedule and offers a balanced range of activities and educational opportunities.

Children play individually and with others, while taking part in small- and whole group activities. They help with cleanup, interact with one another while eating, learn how to take care of themselves, and use both their small and large muscle groups. The plan-do-review sequence, when children decide what they will do, carry out their ideas, and reflect on their activities with adults and other children, is the most crucial part of the daily routine.

The growth of executive functions, which are necessary for success in both school and life, is connected to these higher-level cognitive abilities.Once students graduate from our Preschool program, they are still able to be a part of the L’il Folks Learning Center’s family. We offer before and after school childcare, all day care for school closing, and summer camp as well. If you still seek more information, then please reach out to us via one of the methods mentioned in our how to contact us section. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have for us.