Clean facility, kind staff and wonderful communication from my children’s teacher and the director. Ms. Tiffany is awesome!

Victoria Dietz

I’ve known lots of friends and neighbors who have taken their children here. They love the staff, and so do their kids!! Awesome place for you children!!

Rita Houston

Melissa the Owner, is someone who is organized and calm. I have known her for the past 15 plus years. Her online skills are impeccable. Talk about a multitasker… As a business person who cares about her Daycare, you couldn’t ask for a kinder person. If you value someone who is on top of projects and highly competent, then look no further.

Gale Wright

I am what you may call a helicopter dad. I am protective of my little ones and don’t feel very comfortable leaving them with even my own family at times, let alone people I don’t know. After meeting with the staff I felt better, but was still skeptical. But now… after seeing my kids excitement about being dropped off at Lil Folks and hearing them tell me all about their amazing day time and time again, I am sold! Very happy I found this amazing gem. Highly recommend Lil Folks to anyone!

Zack Ware

Lil Folks is a wonderful place of work, the staff was so welcoming and friendly as well as the owners Richie and Melissa. Working with the children is so much fun and there is never a dull moment at the center! Highly recommend this place for childcare and if you’re interested in working with children!

Allena Brooks

I highly recommend Lil Folks as a safe and fun learning environment for your children. The teachers and staff care deeply for your children and take great interest in the development of your child’s educational and social skills. My son quickly became adept at reciting the alphabet shortly after he began attending, and he learned how to respect and treat other children and adults. The teachers work with students on counting, character recognition, and enjoyable activities that help them learn quickly. If you are searching for the best place to send your child, Lil Folks is the place for you! Don’t hesitate and enroll your children.

Charles Werneth

My two kids have been attending Lil Folks for 6 months now and we love it!! I really give them credit on having my son fully potty trained in the first month of him attending. We tried so many methods but nothing seemed to work until he started attending Lil Folks and we were on the same page. Now our daughter is well on her way to being potty trained as well. The kids were quick to make new friends and they look forward to going to school each day. Thank you for teaching and caring for my little ones.

Andreika Myers

A successful business begins at the top & the owner of Lil Folks Learning Center is amazing…her education background & teaching experience enhances the ‘learning’ aspect at Lil Folks. She is motivated to make sure that her assistants are prepared to teach all children at Lil Folks with the best possible tools to enhance your child’s learning experience. In addition to her stellar background she is also gifted with a kind heart…a quality that allows parents to know that their child will be protected and in a safe environment. 

Jennifer Hogan

I have nothing but good things to say about this daycare! My daughter is the 2nd generation to attend L’il Folks and I am happy to say she loves it just as much as I did 20 years ago. One of the things I like about this daycare is that it’s a learning center as well. When my daughter first started going here in February of this year I noticed only a few weeks in she knew all her colors and her vocabulary grew dramatically. She had a hard time communicating and interacting with others and she was very shy in public. But now she is talking to all her teachers and has so much fun there. The ladies there are amazing with the children and great educators. They do fun activities with the kids daily and during summer they have special events such as water day, field trips, bring a ride on toy day and even set up a petting zoo for the kids. They even helped potty train her which a lot of other places don’t do. I would recommend any parent to have their kids attend L’il Folks Learning Center.

Samantha Walters

Melissa loves children! With her background in education, she knows what children need to be successful! Great place!

Jane Haislip

Looking for a daycare owned by amazing people that you can trust? This is the daycare for you!! I would give them 50 stars if it was an option!

Courtney Etheridge

Lil folks is a great place to work! I absolutely love my coworkers, the children and their families! I love being able to work with the children and watch them grow!

Madison Meynardie

When I first moved to the area they were fully booked with children at the time. I hated the other child care in the area and the owner actually made space for my two daughters. The staff are amazing and they always make me feel that my kids are safe. Every incident, accident, whatever they call me! I love Tiffany. She’s amazing. I genuinely love this child care center, I wouldn’t take my girls anywhere else. 10/10 recommended.

Diamond Edwards

I’ve enjoyed the happiness and joy my son has shown for these wonderful ladies. Getting to know my son’s daycare during the pandemic was made super easy but the trust my son showed in not only his own teachers, but ones that teach in the other classrooms as well. I really appreciate that the teachers respect the dual households and have his artwork and more for both me and dad and never make it feel as if they favor one parent over the other. I am excited for his journey here and love how much he enjoys his time here.

Christina Morse