Our Story

L’il Folks Learning Center is owned by Melissa S. Vick, Ed.S. I earned a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Christopher Newport College in 1992. After graduating, I taught a variety of grades in both the public and private school settings. Having grown up in an entrepreneurial family, I always had a desire to start my own business. My combination of wanting to own a business, and my background in education led to the opening of L’il Folks Learning Center, Inc. The name of the center also has a story. When I was very small, I lived in Hampton, Virginia. My brother actually went to a daycare called Little Folks. I don’t know why I have always remembered it, but I did, so I never had any doubt that I wanted to name it something similar.

The first three years I was in business, the center grew quickly. During this time, I was teaching, doing all of the accounting, and cleaning the facility on a daily basis. It took a lot of hard work. After I felt as though the center was well established, I went back to work for the school system, and hired a Center Director. Eventually, I earned my Master’s degree in Educational Technology, and then my Ed.S (Education Specialist) degree from George Washington University. I worked in the school system up until June 30, 2022. My last three years I was an Instructional Coach at Georgie Tyler Middle School in Windsor, Virginia. I loved my time in the classroom. I currently serve in two positions. I am the owner and president of L’il Folks, and I am also the Director of Operations for Sawco Self Storage. This scenario works nicely, because I am able to work in the building next to L’il Folks. My family owns Sawco Self Storage, and other rental properties. I am able to check on L’il Folks on a daily basis.

When I opened the center, my three children were very small. Whitney is 30 years old now and her oldest son attended L’il Folks, and now her youngest attends. My middle daughter Katie is 28, and her baby will attend there once he turns two. My youngest is Brendan, and he is 23 years old now. When I started the business, he was 16 months old. Many things have changed over the years, but the one thing that has not is my love for children , and my dedication to providing a warm and welcoming place for parents to send their children while they work or pursue other interests. Although we are not affiliated with a church, we do say the “blessing” before lunch, and teach the pledge of allegiance. Our mission remains solid, and our past, present, and future are brighter because of all the children we have come in contact with over the last 22 years.

Below is some information about our program. Please feel free to reach out to my Director at 757-238-8278 or you can visit our website at www.lflckids.net if you have any more questions.

L’il Folks Learning Center, Inc. is a privately owned organization whose main mission is to provide a caring and safe learning environment where children can feel a sense of belonging and parents can have “peace of mind” while leaving their child/children in our care.

We offer preschool and childcare for ages two to five years old. Throughout the school year we offer before and/or after school for ages five to twelve years old. We also provide a full day summer camp for ages five to twelve years old during the summer months. All of our classes use a teacher led preschool curriculum during the regular school year, (September to June). The summer months are used as review time and the children are given various opportunities to enhance what they have learned during the school year.



For the child:

  • Provide a safe, secure environment to meet the child’s physical and emotional needs.
  • Provide opportunities for development of wholesome social relationships.
  • Provide age appropriate work and play experiences which will contribute to their developmental needs.

For the parent:

  • Provide care for their child while the parent works or engages in other interests.
  • Allow parents to have peace of mind to know that their child is being well cared for.
  • As educators and caregivers, we will keep open communication with the parents to help their child grow academically and socially.

For the community:

  • Meet the needs of an early childhood facility and childcare.


Open to any child two years to twelve years old provided the school is able to meet their physical, emotional, and developmental needs. We are open to any race, sex, color, creed or political belief. We do provide daycare for families who are subsidized through the Department of Social Services as well.



L’il Folks Learning Center, Inc. accepts children from two years old to twelve years old, provided this facility can meet their needs. Children are accepted, as space is available. All registering must be done through the center’s Director to ensure that needed space is available. When services are full, a waiting list will be maintained. Parents will be contacted as openings occur. A $110.00 registration fee is required to secure your child’s slot. Fees cover enrollment management, from September through August. Once registration is paid, children are added to the appropriate classroom roster. This is a YEARLY fee. Each year in April, we will begin pre-registration for the upcoming school year, which begins in September. Fees paid before April 1st of each year MUST be repaid during pre-registration in order to maintain your child’s slot for the upcoming school year. Fees paid after April 1st may be applied to the new year. We cannot hold slots if registration is not paid each year. Once the registration has been paid, children will only be admitted once all necessary forms,documentation and the curriculum fee are on file and paid at the Center. The Director will give an on site orientation and tour before the child will be able to officially attend.